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► Box Fan (High Speed) And Rain Sounds For Sleeping With Distant Thunder, 10 Hours Fan White Noise

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Relaxing window style box fan on HIGH SPEED during a rainstorm with dripping rain and distant thunder outside your open window. This HD video is 10 hours and features a box fan on the highest speed, recorded at night (I have another recording on medium speed). I love a great night rain and distant passing thunderstorm. If you have Tinnitus, or just love box fan white noise, please give this one a try. This storm recording does not have extremely loud thunder. It is there, but hopefully not so loud as to scare you out of bed. Lluvia para dormir.

MEDIUM speed version here: https://youtu.be/QSiekgG6wR4

#sleep #rainsounds #whitenoise #nature #rain

Ambient sounds for sleeping, or any relaxing background sounds, are a great way to help you fall asleep fast and sleep all night. It is a great way to block out the surrounding room sounds and distracting noises that wake you up. Relax your mind and drift off to sleep.

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