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Ed Sheeran Is 'smitten' With Irish TV Beauty Louise Johnston:

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Ed Sheeran is 'smitten' with Irish TV beauty Louise Johnston: "It's going very well"
Ed Sheeran is 'smitten' with Irish TV beauty Louise Johnston: "It's going very well"
10:08, 10 JULY 2015
The superstar is rumoured to be dating the model who he has known for more than a year


Is this Ed Sheeran's new girlfriend?
Superstar Ed Sheeran has reportedly bagged himself a hot Irish model.

The Thinking Out Loud singer, who kicks off three nights at Wembley Arena tonight, is said to have grown close to reality TV star Louise Johnston, after splitting from his foodie ex Athina Andrelos in February.

According to The Irish Mirror, the 24-year-old singer has known Louise for sometime and they were pictured together with pals more than a year ago but have only recently become close.

A source said: "Louise and Ed have been friends for years but now they have become a lot closer. They are constantly in touch, even when he is on tour, but he is coming here soon for a gig in Dublin and they will be able to catch up then.

"Friends and family now know, so it is out there. Louise really cares about him and it's going very well."

The former Fade Street star is no stranger to having her love life in the public eye after her stint on the reality show.

But now she's focusing on her career as a brand and events manager at foodie website Lovin' Dublin. It seems Ed has a type. Everyone knows a way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

The source added: "The fact Louise isn't a big star is helping things move along nicely. She is different to some of the girls he has been linked to.

"She's known Ed since long before he was selling out stadiums and their friendship has built up over the years, so it's not as if Louise is a starry-eyed girl."

Ed is used to being in the limelight after being romantically linked to a string of famous singers, including Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding.

louise_johnston/instagramIs Ed dating Louise Johnston?
He split from his latest girlfriend, 24-year-old Athina, after the 2015 Brit Awards following a row at the bash.

But it looks as though Ed has his heart set on Ireland.

The singer has his roots in the country and previously revealed he would "love" to live in Ireland when he has time to settle down.

Last year he said: "All my family is moving back to Ireland now.

"I would love to live here, but I don’t necessarily live anywhere at the moment.

louise_johnston/instagramLouise Johnston pictured with Ed months ago on Instagram
"Even when I'm on tour I never live anywhere, I'm always in other cities.

"Later down the line when I actually have time to stay somewhere though – I'd love to live here."

Mirror Celeb previously reported that Ed's pals want him to find a new girl who is NOT famous.

A source exclusively revealed: "Ed's mates weren't too keen on Athina and weren't disappointed when they split after the Brit Awards. It's very unlikely they'll be getting back together.

"His friends want to set him up with a new girl and have their eye on a few people they've mentioned to him but he's very picky for obvious reasons."

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