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Hello everyone! Thanks for being patient waiting for this video :) I had this idea to make a longer nurse video and try to simulate a more realistic hospital experience (without the unpleasantness of staying in a real hospital). I got a ton of advice and help from an awesome patron who works in the medical field. He really helped me bring this video together. So all the thanks to him. :)

0:00-23:05 Primary medical check up and intake (connecting you to an IV, taking vitals, hooking you up to oxygen, etc)
23:06-37:01 Books sounds
37:02-59:43 Giving you medication and a relaxing massage to help you sleep (with dimmer lights)
59:44-1:07:43 Typing sounds
1:07:44-1:29:18 First dream sequence with hair brushing sounds followed by a small check up to make sure you're ok
1:29:19-1:46:40 Books sounds
1:46:41-2:04:14 Second dream sequence

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asmr ~ asmr is very relaxing and can help you fall asleep or focus on work or tasks. there are no loud surprises, only gentle and calming sounds to ease stress and anxiety. :) here on this channel you can find a variety of role plays (immersive asmr), trigger videos (just sounds and soft speaking or whispering), lets play videos (relaxing gaming), unboxing videos, and more!

my newest asmr video ~ http://rebrand.ly/new-asmr
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asmr unboxings ~ http://rebrand.ly/asmr-unboxings


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