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Hundreds Of Teenage Day Trippers Converge At Troon For A Day On The Beach

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Horde of 5,500 'drunk and fornicating' teens drive shocked families from sun-kissed beach
10:58, 9 JULY 2015
Fights broke out on the packed sands of Troon, Ayrshire, while Class A drugs were seized, and families were forced to watch on in horror at youngsters' activities


Ayrshire PostTroon Beach chaosCarnage: The teens left a trail of booze-fuelled casualties in their wake
Hordes of drunk and rowdy teens forced terrified families off a beach after they invaded the sand on the hottest day of the year so far.

Thousands of Glaswegian youths descended on Troon beach in Ayrshire on Friday, stretching emergency services to the limit.

They left a trail of booze-fuelled casualties in their wake.

Fights broke out on the packed sands, Class A drugs were seized, and families were forced to watch on in horror at youngsters fornicating in bushes.

Ayrshire PostTroon Beach chaosControl: Police were stretched to their limit in Troon
And under-siege residents even had to call for paramedics after finding stupefied youngsters lying comatose in the town’s streets, reports the Ayrshire Post.

Social media sites were ablaze with the kids’ outrageous antics as police say 5,500 made the train journey to the coast – only to go completely off the rails.

One lady took to Facebook to say: “It is horrific!

“Was down here at 1.30 this afternoon, hordes coming off the train.

“One young boy about 15 passed out on the street with paramedics and police, and that’s just after lunch.

“A few ruin it for the rest.”

Ayrshire PostTroon Beach chaosRampage: Families were forced to flee drunken violence
And Isobel Stirling commented: “Found a young girl out-of -it lying at the bottom of the station hill before 11am, she couldn’t have been more than 14.”

Becca Sharp added: “It’s a disgrace, I was down for at most half-an-hour and came back home and sat in the garden.

“If they cannot respect this small town then they shouldn’t be allowed in.”

The Ayrshire Post understands that the majority of party-loving teens made their trip south on Scotrail services from Glasgow.

A train ticket inspector, who did not want to be named, said: “They swarmed on in their thousands, shouting, swearing and intimidating passengers.

“They’ve got no respect for anybody else.

“It’s got to the stage where us working on the railway are coming to our work and praying for rain to put them off.”

Police say they seized a large quantity of inexpensive alcohol including Buckfast and MD 20/20 – known as Mad Dog – from underage drinkers.Hundreds of teenage,trippers converge,Troon for a day,Troon for a day on the beach,Holidays,sun-kissed beach

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