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Ayo & Teo - Ayo & Teo Dance Challenge

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Ayo & Teo Dance Challenge (Vevo)

Comin’ straight outta Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Bowles brothers – Ayleo and Mateo – are social media savants. They grew up soaking up the sounds of Michael Jackson and Missy Elliot and teaching themselves to dance by studying movies 'Breakin'' and 'Step Up.' They gained viral fame uploading videos of themselves bustin’ moves to the hits of the day and challenged fans to respond inkind. The online buzz led to appearances in videos for Usher's “No Limit” and Chris Brown's “Party” – and then the masked duo really blew up when their single “Rolex dropped. The trap-pop track dominated the summer of ’17, and the dynamic duo is just getting started. Their new “Better Off Alone” keeps the action happening. We had the guys hit Times Square to explain their rise and see which one was a hotter dancer. Here’s what happened.

Producer: Alyssa Ahrens

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