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How To Make A Decorative Window Panel Mirror

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This time we are making a 9 panel mirror, suitable for hanging in a hallway, an entrance way or any other place that you want to give the illusion of being slightly larger.
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One of the great features of mirrors is that they can make small areas appear larger. This makes them a great addition to small entrance ways, narrow hall ways or any other place that is confined. The version we made has 9 panels, so it resembles a only wooden window that someone has converted to mirrors. The one we made actually works a bit better than an old window frame because all the mirror panes are glued to a single backing sheet. This ensures all the mirrors are on the same plane so that when you look into the mirror it looks "normal", very often when you attach mirrors to an old window frame some of the mirrors are often out of align with other which gives the effect that they are not aligned .... and they aren't. This effect can be annoying to the user or view of the mirror. The way to solve the problem is putting all the mirrors on a single plane or sheet of plywood as I did.
Another trick is using dark colors for the frame, what this does is help to focus the looking into the mirrors rather than looking at the frame. Finishing the mirror with Osmo ensures a satin finish that does not distract from the purpose of the mirror ... a place to look into.

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